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Athletic Full Body flow
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Enjoy this 27 min reformer workout, focusing on mobility & […]

Athletic Reformer Flow
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This 18 min workout on the reformer is perfect when […]

Athletic & Dynamic Full Body
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In this class you will work your entire body using […]

Stretching with the ring
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Lovely stretching flow that will elongate you from head to […]

Basic Pilates Principles- Flow
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This short class is perfect if you are starting Pilates […]

Mindful & Stretchy flow (Full Body)
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This workout is perfect for anyone needs a gentle workout. […]

Full Body Advanced Flow
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Strong and short, perfect workout to fit into your busiest […]

Calmer Flow- Full Body (with light weights and ring)
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A calmer flow for days when you want a more […]

Full Body Athletic Conditioning – with ring and band
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This is an intermediate/advanced class with Pilates and fitness exercises […]

Full Body Stretching with the Foam Roller
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Perfect class to do on your weekend to release stress […]

Dynamic Flow with the Ball
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Flow with me in this class with the Pilates Ball. […]

ABC – Arms/bum/core
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This is a Pilates/Fitness circuit class. We are going to […]

Grounding and Connecting – Full body Calm Flow (with Pilates ring)
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Release tension and connect with your body in this Dynamic […]

Cardiovascular Full Body (with the trampoline)
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This class is a reformer full body class with cardio […]

Workout with the Box and Pole
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Dynamic Full Body Flow
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Reformer Full Body
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Reformer with Ring
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