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Dynamic Pilates – Bum and legs

Pure Glutes – Dynamic Pilates class
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This is a pure dynamic Pilates class focused on lower […]

Dynamic Pilates- Lower body focus
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This is a Dynamic Pilates class, lower body focus without […]

Dynamic Lower Body Focus with props
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Functional Full Body workout focused more on lower body. Enjoy […]

Short & Sweet Lower Body Workout (with long band)
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We are leaving our comfort zone with some challenging exercises […]

Legs Sculpt- Band Work
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16 minutes of Pure Legs and Lower body Band work. […]

8 Minute Legs and Glutes Sculpt (with the ring)
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When you find yourself with only limited time to exercise, […]

Abs and Glutes Pilates Circuit
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Fast paced class focused on Core and Glutes. This class […]

Lower Body Focus
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This is a dynamic Pilates workout focused on lower body. […]

Glutes Isolation with Ring
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Perfect mini side bum series to focus on toning and […]

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