The SHAPES Method

SHAPES STUDIO was founded on the philosophy that we should all learn to love our shapes, inside and outside. My aim is to help you achieve your dream body without restrictive diets or over-exercising. Instead, I’ll show you how to get leaner and more toned using consistent and effective movements.

As a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition and lifestyle health coach, I have developed this method over my years of training and experience. I use this method because it works! I want you to understand the beauty and the simplicity of it.

The SHAPES Classes are based on a strong Stott Pilates foundation with elements from the dance and fitness world. This unique combination will give you a program like no other – one that will give you a complete, functional workout, promoting a healthy and lean body, but also restoring a sense of calm, well-being, and confidence.

Benefits of the SHAPES Classes

To create long, sculpted muscles, without adding bulk, we use the Pilates technique to work the small muscles in order to get the big muscles longer and leaner. Fitness exercises are added to increase your stamina and heart rate, and we incorporate ballet moves to help you with balance, coordination, and toning. Breathing is key in the classes as it’s the main basic principle of Pilates. Conscious breathing will help you to focus, switch off from the external world, and dedicate time to yourself.

The SHAPES Method is the philosophy that has always guided my approach to fitness. It consists of working out five days per week, with two days off. Consistency is an important element. This means that even if you have 10 minutes a day, there is a class for you. I want to teach you to free yourself of the idea that we need an hour every day to exercise. Even only 10 minutes a day, doing the right exercises can lead to amazing results with the SHAPES classes.

The SHAPES method offers two kinds of classes:

SHAPES Cardio and SHAPES Dynamic.
SHAPES Cardio is more of an energy booster while SHAPES Dynamic will restore a sense of relaxation and calm. When you become a SHAPES member, you will see two different workout plans from Monday to Friday divided in body parts (full body, upper body, lower body and core).

The reason why I divided these two categories in two different workout plans is because, through my work with private clients, I understood how working out is unique to each individual. I need you to tune into yourself and I understand where you belong. If you are a more creative, hyperactive, multitasking person, I recommend SHAPES Dynamic to balance your energy. If you are a more sedentary person, calm, with low energy during the day, I recommend the energizing SHAPES Cardio option.

The benefits are the same. What’s important is that you choose a kind of class that you like, because enjoying the workouts will help you stay consistent. You can always add one of the other workouts in your week, of course, and follow the weekly plan for that body part.

You’ll work out for five days a week.

Take the weekend or two weekdays off and focus on relaxing the body with some stretching or self-care activities. During your off days, I encourage you to review the nutrition and lifestyle library which can help you to implement simple but effective action steps in your day-to-day life.

The SHAPES Diary

This is a simple diary you can download from my website. You could also make your own one, following my structure. Just before you work out, I would like to invite you to write one thing you are grateful for and one thing you love about yourself and why. This can be a physical or a personal attribute. This unique aspect of the SHAPES Method focused on self love will help you live a healthy, loving, joyful life, exercising and eating well for your health and love for yourself and your body.

This SHAPES Diary is a very important tool that can help you achieve a constant feeling of gratitude for your life and for yourself. I saw great results during my coaching sessions when using this tool. With this tool, you will find the right motivation every day to face the obstacles life throws at you. You’ll also find the love to exercise to keep your beautiful body healthy as well as to improve and work on your muscles and shapes.

My aim is to help you understand why loving our bodies every day is important to achieve great results in every aspect of our life. I don’t want you to approach any of my classes as a form of punishment but rather with a sense of celebration and self-love. I want you to remember that your body is constantly working for you to help you do the things you need to do every day. This way, you show up on the mat to get stronger, more toned, and more focused and to have a better relationship with yourself.

Let me help you be the best version of yourself!

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Paola x