Shaping your body and mind with a 360° approach to wellness and fitness

Your body is designed to move every day. However, your busy schedule may not always allow that. Which is why SHAPES Studio is designed to mould around your lifestyle. Helping you to seamlessly bind regular and intentional movement, wellness nutrition into mindfulness practice into everyday living.

Founded on Stott Pilates principles, each SHAPES classes borrow from ballet, yoga and cardio to achieve healthy weight loss with a focus on toning, healing and inner balance. Our comprehensive library of classes, programmes and resources offer an potent combination of Pilates, cardio-exercises, nutritional advice, lifestyle and mindfulness coaching techniques. Which is accessible at anytime, anywhere. Ranging from ultra-targeted 5-minute blasts to full 45-minute workouts; you can dip in and out through the day, or stack bitesize sessions together to create flexible routines that work for you.

SHAPES Studio’s Core Pillars

Create long sculpted muscles, without adding bulk – The Pilates technique targets smaller muscle groups to lengthen and tone the larger ones. By integrating cardio exercises, this increases stamina and raises the heart rate. While ballet movements help with balance, coordination, and toning.

Cultivate a daily practice of intentional movement – Our comprehensive digital library enables you the access of ease to work out anytime and anywhere. Ideal for busy-bodies on the go to continue exercising on your own terms.

Learn to harness the power of the breath – This is a key principle of Pilates. Controlled breathing will help you focus, relax and dedicate time to yourself on and off the mat.

Shift your focus to self-love – Use your SHAPES Diary (in the member’s area) as a tool of gratitude and self-appreciation to boost confidence, reduce stress and move towards inner peace with every aspect of your being.

When your workout feels good, you’ll come back for more! This generates momentum, motivation & love for your body.

Our Classes

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Yoga and Meditation

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