Your body and mind

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A 360° approach to health and fitness

Your body is designed to move every day. But your busy schedule doesn’t always make that easy. Designed to fit around your life, the SHAPES method helps you to build intentional movement & mindfulness into your everyday routine.

Our huge library of videos offers a powerful combination of Pilates, nutrition advice, lifestyle coaching & mindfulness techniques, which you can access from home. Ranging from ultra-targeted 5-minute blasts to full 45-minute workouts; you can dip in & out through the day or stack bitesize sessions together to create flexible routines that work for you.

Founded on Stott Pilates principles, my unique classes borrow from ballet, yoga & cardio to achieve healthy weight loss with a focus on toning, healing & inner balance.

The SHAPES Method
Five Pillars

Create long sculpted muscles, without adding bulk. Pilates technique works the smaller muscles to lengthen & tone the larger ones. Cardio builds stamina & raises your heart rate, while ballet movements help with balance, coordination, & toning.
Learn to harness the power of the breath. This is a key basic principle of Pilates. Controlled breathing will help you to focus, switch off from the world & dedicate time to yourself.
Cultivate a daily practice of intentional movement. Our online video library allows you to workout anytime, anywhere, making it as easy as possible to exercise on your own terms.
When your workout feels good, you’ll come back for more! This generates momentum, motivation & love for your body. You will notice visible results after just 30 days!

Shift your focus to self-love. Use your SHAPES Diary (in your member’s area) as a tool of gratitude & self-appreciation to boost your confidence, reduce stress & work towards inner peace.


Create a daily practice that works for you

Based on the mat, these focused, flowing classes are grounded in Stott Pilates principles with borrowed elements from ballet, yoga, & cardio.
Choose from levels 1 to 3 & make sure to check out the Pilates Basic Principles section if you are new to Pilates.

A powerful, high-energy workout, these classes follow the same basic principles as the SHAPES Dynamic Classes, with added sections of HIIT cardio work to raise your heart rate & burn body fat.

Restorative full body stretches to lengthen, improve posture & soothe aches & pains. These classes are perfect for first thing in the morning, winding down before bed or for cooling down after your workout.

These classes are designed to support you through pregnancy & aid recovery afterwards. You will strengthen the pelvic floor, tone, stretch & release tension – it’s the perfect way to stay active through this unique & special time.
Be sure to get the green light from your doctor before starting these classes.

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Our classes utilise your own body weight along with small Pilates props, such as the ring, ball, foam roller, light weights & resistance bands.

You can find the props I recommend in our store!