Discover SHAPES Studio through the words of our members

I can’t recommend Paola enough!!! Her SHAPES online platform offers you numerous exercise options from the comfort of your home without the need to travel or take too much time out. If you have a busy schedule this really is the best way to get exercise factored into your day. The platform provides all kinds of programs that focus on different muscle groups so you can choose what you want to focus on. Wonderful platform with a lot to choose from including information on nutrition and wellbeing. Being in the studio with Paola, you feel like you are working with a friend. That’s what I love most. She creates a warm, positive and fun atmosphere guiding you through exercises with passion and encouragement. She has such a great understanding of the body and tailors each class to your specific needs.I always look forward to our classes together and leave feeling energised, stronger and positive to face the day ahead.

Yasmine Naghdi, Principal Dancer, The Royal Ballet

I have been training with Paola for several months now and it took my body (and life) to the next level! I have recently turned 40 and I have been a little frustrated as I could not find a teacher that would have such a wide preparation to be able to integrate all the things that our body needs at this age and in a short class before rushing to work! I was also coming out from a bad back injury and was scared to go back to working out. After only a few classes, I already started to feel the difference. After a few weeks I also began to integrate with her SHAPES workouts.  I choose the class that suits my needs depending on the amount of time I have. I travel a lot and being able to do all of this on my screen is just ideal. They are done very well and Paola gives it the same love that she gives to you as a private client. Believe me, even the 10 minutes boost classes are great! 

I highly recommend Paola and her SHAPES studio! She is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with as she knows how the body works and is also able to advise on your general wellbeing and nutrition. You totally feel you get a 360 degree workout from the inside out!

Livia, New York, USA

I only started doing Pilates a few months ago at my gym and, when it closed, I discovered Shapes and have been doing those workouts daily. I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen in my body! I’m a lot more toned and strong and in control, but the best part is that it doesn’t bulk you like more conventional forms of exercise. Paola is amazing and is always there to guide you and answer your questions. I couldn’t be happier and I’m hooked for life!

Jessica, South Africa

What I really love about Paola’s approach is that it enables to personalise and adapt, allowing to pick out and create a routine that works best for each and every individual at a different stage of life. Free to choose however the intensity one may desire, whenever and wherever one is able, her workout is never imposing, yet complete. It helped me realise the importance of trusting my own body’s ability to heal. It has been just over a month since I joined the Shapes Studio, but the quality of my sleep has improved significantly – and I just simply feel so elevated.

Hiroko, Munich, Germany

It took me 1 private session with Paola to try pilates and I can’t have a day without it! I absolutely love how she designed her web site, it is very easy to find what you want and add things as you need. Every video that I watched differs from others. Paola masterfully takes you to a journey that feels great for your body, mind and spirit. She is a pleasure to follow as she always look graceful and has a very uplifting personality. I like that I can choose certain pilates tools and how Paola mixes them to make things more exciting.  There are choices ( site designed to choose by different criteria) that only you know what your body needs. To me it is not just a workout to feel and look great, it is a lifestyle.

Natalia, Boston, USA

My sleep is better. I think not doing crazy long workouts has balanced out my appetite too so it has been such a positive experience already. Looking forward to my workout in the morning

Nina, UK

Pilates with Paola is a beautiful way of nourishing your body where you’re working with it rather than against it. It’s so creative and dynamic so you never get bored – you never know what to expect and always learn something new. My body feels amazing for it, every time.The breath work and creative choreography also really help me to get out of my own head – it’s like moving meditation for me. I love it.

Sally, London, UK

Pilates became like water to me a while back and after moving to London in 2017 it was so hard to find a professional, dedicated, and creative instructor until i finally met Paola in one of london’s studios. I became even more excited after joining the shapes community. Paola is amazing; she has great tips and a personalized approach, and always includes new workouts! Her classes have kept me hooked during holidays, and a busy work life routine even during lockdown specially ! Thanks to her I haven’t stopped doing Pilates and her exercises challenge me and help me with my strength and mobility! Couldn’t but highly recommend her !

Raya, London, UK

Shapes and Pilates with Paola helps me to connect with my body to build strength and alignment, concentrating on different muscles and becoming more aware of how my body moves and works. You can take the benefits away with you throughout the day with regards to the way you walk, stand and hold yourself in general

Amelia Windsor, London, UK

There’s loads of stuff on there for the time poor that truly works and I believe in Paola’s method so much – she’s not only transformed my body but she’s got me back to walking (twice) in the face of serious back surgery. So whatever the reason for looking at what she does, I can’t recommend her highly enough”

Fay Davies, London, UK

Paola and Shapes have given me the tools and motivation to work on becoming my healthiest and most confident self! Four weeks into working with Paola, who instantly turned my goals into an action plan, I noticed visible changes in my posture and increased flexibility, despite working long hours in an office environment. Not only has working with Paola (from the comfort of my living room!) transformed my body, but also my approach to nutrition and recovery.

Sarah, Dubai, UAE

I had a great experience using SHAPES platform! I love the fact that the workouts are very specific, short and effective! I really enjoy doing them and actually looking forward to the next one. I feel like they are becoming part of my daily routine and I am very happy with results! I have tried many different workout styles but feel like this one is a perfect mix of exercises that my body needs

Inna, London, UK

I discovered Paola and Shapes Studio just over 2 months ago. My overall mindset to exercise and nutrition has changed as it is now sustainable since becoming a member. Paola’s holistic approach to improving your wellbeing is refreshing and the exercises which are very effective you can do at your own pace. My shape has changed and my muscles have become more toned. Overall, I feel better inside and out. Thank you Paola for your excellent coaching, motivation and advice. I would not have got this far without you

Jacqui, London, UK

Paola is very enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. Her tailored video lessons allow me to work each part of my body according my daily necessities. Since I started these Pilates classes my headaches have incredibly decreased and my posture has improved. Highly suggested.

Amelie, Italy

Shapes has drastically improved my fitness as well as my enjoyment when exercising. Paola is an engaging, enthusiastic and clear Pilates teacher. I love her various routines which I can pick to match my energy levels. I would definitely recommend shapes to people of all Pilates abilities. There is something in it for everyone

Poppy Fordham, London, UK

Shapes allows me to shape my life differently. I’ve started to follow Shapes routines nearly two years ago. I bumped into Paola during a pilates class in London. When I finished the class I felt an amazing connection with my body, so I went up to Paola and asked her how I could follow her pilates classes on a regular basis. There I got to know Shapes, and later on got to know Paola on a human level. She inspires me, even on a personal level not only on the physical pilates one.

Sofia, Italy

aola, you are a star! You’ve helped me build muscle, core and upper body strength to better do my work and live with less aches and pain just from strengthening. Thank you

Syma Debbane, London, UK

Over our lockdown I decided to try pilates https://www.shapesstudio.co/ with lovely Paola. I rather enjoyed all her video exercises and stretches. The exercises are carefully thought out and well organised. You can choose which part of your body you want to work on and make your own routine. She also shows various stretching techniques that I loved. Paola’s instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Her videos are of different lengths and easy to fit around one’s busy life. Thank you Paola – you managed to challenge me despite 8 years of my Pilates training

Tea, London, UK

8 weeks post partum, I can now truly say that Shapes pre-natal along with your guidance has been critical and essential through pregnancy, birth and recovery.

Having my first baby at 40 and having discovered Shapes during the pandemic, I wanted to be able to continue with my practice daily with an accessible, effective and time efficient platform. The Shapes online pre-natal pilates did all of this and so much more! What amazed me was that the pre-natal pilates was in many ways more challenging and effective than I could have imagined (even compared to the non pre natal classes!) because I had to slow down and really focus on every movement. I honestly felt that you were in the living room with me everyday because  your familiar voice with the way you teach is so clear and personal, I felt as though we were having a 1:1 private session. As always, you were there with any questions that I had and gently, yet encouragingly supported me through the special 9 months. Without doubt, this preparation meant I was in the best shape that I could be to have my dream of a home birth in just under 5 hours! Like me, I am sure that many of your members feel anxious at times by the impact pregnancy and birth can have on your body. I can hand on heart say that everything is possible with the right intention and the right people around you, and you were one of them! The midwifes were amazed that I was able to have a gentle birth, with no tears and incredibly no separation of the abs – I know that the pre natal Shapes program was a huge contributing factor. As a bonus, I am now back to “pre-pregnancy shape” and even a little lighter. I will continue the pre-natal Pilates under your advice as I regain strength in the fourth trimester and look forward to being stronger than ever.

Thank you Paola for putting your heart and soul into every class, showing the way and making dreams possible.

Suzanne Fowler, UK

I have been training with Paola after the birth of my first child and I have now resumed the classes for my second pregnancy. I can say that, after only two sessions, I am already seeing results: my legs are more toned and well-defined, and my husband has noticed this, too. During this pregnancy my body feels completely different compared to the previous one, when I did not know Paola yet. Now I must say: I feel more flexible and toned. I love looking at my body and seeing the visible results, this gives me joy and further motivation to keep going.

Isy, UK

ShapesStudio is not just a workout, but a lifestyle. I started following the Shapes method last year during the first few months of my pregnancy.
Thanks to Paola I have learned to have more awareness of my body and I have realized that even just 10 minutes of training is enough as long as it is done with consistency and commitment and with the right method.
In just a few weeks I have regained strength in my abs and I work every day to feel my body better.
I recommend ShapesStudio to everyone because it is a targeted type of training and above all sustainable in the long term because it is not based on hours and hours of exhausting workouts.
Today after three pregnancies I feel more confident, I am still in the running towards my goal, but I know that thanks to ShapesStudio and Paola it will be easy to achieve!

Simona, Italy

Paola is so important to me in making my world function properly so why should it be any different in pregnancy? Of course, as ever, everything is specifically tailored to me but with my needs ever changing as the baby grows, I feel totally protected and understood whilst always being pushed to achieve my best. Who knew you can still have abs at 36 weeks pregnant?!
More energy, guarding against back and hip pain and most importantly, as my doctor confirmed, increased blood flow to the placenta, I couldn’t ask for more in helping me through this very special time.


SHAPES has been the perfect way to keep up my fitness during pregnancy. I have phased in the pre natal classes over the last few months, and combine them with a dynamic class if I’m feeling active! I have loved learning about safe modifications and Paola has been on hand to guide and support me the whole way through.

Emma, UK

I met Paola almost 2 years in a Pilates Studio in London, where she was teaching Pilates. Her classes were amazing and I could really see changes in my figure. During lockdown I joined Shapes so I can do Paola’s workouts from the comfort of my home. I started the health coaching with Paola in June, after a period of emotional eating and unhealthy food choices, in order to change my habits towards healthy living. My top goals were to practice mindful eating, improve my confidence and awareness and have a strong and lean body figure. Through her guidance, advice, continuous support and encouragement I have been able to find freedom, comfort and enjoyment in eating healthy, whole foods,without feeling guilty about having the occasional treat. Paola’s holistic approach to health and wellness has helped me become more energetic and flourish in all aspects of my life. She is also gave me great suggestion about things that I can add in my diet in order to have more variety in my meals and healthy recipes. Following the 80/20 nutrition is a way of living for me and I feel confident I will maintain the changes that I’ve achieved so far. Working with Paola has been life changing for me!

Magda, UK

Having come out of a relationship I felt that I was slightly ‘lost’ in terms of where I was going with both my career and personal life, hence why I got in touch with Paola having always felt very inspired after her Pilates classes. In the three month period that I have been working with her, she has empowered me with such a positive outlook on all aspects of my life and I feel re-aligned as a result. I can’t recommend her and her approach more highly.

Camilla, UK

I met Paola about a year ago. I met her at a time when my lifestyle was not healthy resulting in being overweight, out of shape which did not make me feel good about myself. We started doing private sessions as I had a serious dislike to gyms and public training spaces. She was very astute in recognising this and was able to make the sessions exciting and variable and I kept going back. Deep down I did not think I will see results but I kept going back because I felt wonderful after each session. I would walk out tall and felt much better within.
Paola is very compassionate and non judgmental and I started opening up to her. Her ability to listen without judgement is amazing. I trusted her and seeing her helped me immensely in letting go of the emotional luggage which I was holding onto which was sabotaging my progress.
After 3 months ago I started seeing Paola in her capacity as a health coach and this is when I noticed a complete shift in my attitude to a healthier lifestyle.
Just like magic it all started to make sense and I started seeing a new me both physically as well as emotionally.
Paola has been my rock and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a Pilates trainer as well as a health coach–

Thoraya Bartawi, Italy

I did not think nutrition conversation can be fun, well, it can! Paola finds a way to make you stop, think and actually try new things and feel excited about it. Easy, super quick and actually delicious recipes that satisfy your appetite until the next meal is a winning strategy to me at the time of being a mom for a toddler  and having a full time job. Paola’s approach works! Im shedding pounds and its wonderful to see less of me in the mirror! Most importantly is that I feel more energised, happier and stronger on all levels. It’s a lifestyle that brings the best out of you. Thank you, Paola!

Natalia, Boston, USA