SHAPES & The City

The ultimate wellness pop-up event that brings wellness right to the heart of the city.

Our aim is to provide a fun, inclusive, and accessible wellness experience that connects like-minded individuals who want to improve their overall health and well-being. Plus, we want you to keep up the great work by incorporating these practices into your daily routine.

Wellness Retreats


Book a bespoke luxury Pilates retreat tailored to your needs and goals, for a personalised and transformative experience. Your daily sessions will be customised to your levels and provide you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness, Pilates and personalised nutrition consultation.

Please send your enquiry to: for more information.

Private Retreats available on demand

Sicily, Italy- Villa San Calogero. 

Available on-demand as a Private Retreat in collaboration with Balance Holidays

Enjoyable for a group of 6 or more.

Dedicated to Bringing Mind and Body Back to Full Balance 

For enquiry please enquiry here