Shape for your wedding

Introducing the SHAPES programme for brides-to-be. Designed to help you maintain the focus on feeling your very best – confident and excited, as you walk down the aisle to say “I do”. The structure of the programme will be enjoyable, uplifting and entirely tailored to you. With particular consideration to your individual work-life agenda, wedding planning commitments and the flow in your state-of-mind. The signature SHAPES approach. 

Beginning with an initial pre-consultation, we will undergo a thorough assessment to gain a better understanding of your goals and priorities. Based on this, it will allow me to support you with a bespoke roadmap to achieve the desired results together. Where goals may be obtaining a target weight, sculpting and toning specific parts of the body, or seeking emphasis in multiple areas. Complementary nutritional and lifestyle advice and planning aligned to your individual needs is included. 

Prepare to radiate and appear as the beautiful bride you envisioned for your big day with this comprehensive programme. As every detail will aim to reveal the best version of you and cultivate divine body-mind coordination. Relaxed and ready to unite in love with your beloved partner-to-be. 


Paola x

What you can expect from the programme

  • Customised, On-Demand Pilates and Fitness Fusion Workout: Weekly 60-minute 1:1 session scheduled according to your personal agenda. Aimed at sculpting and toning the body, and achieving weight loss in a healthy, holistic manner. If required, specific strategies can be introduced to adapt the workout routine to the style of your chosen wedding dress. 

  • Personalised Nutrition Regimen: Weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute session with a focus on meal planning, portion control, cravings, reducing processed foods, emotional eating and access to easy-to-follow nutritious recipes to support your individual health and wellness goals

  • Youthful, Radiant Skin Beauty Detox: Looking and feeling your best is not complete without care and attention for your skin. Cultivate a daily dose of self-care with a complete body and face skincare routine to unveil a naturally glowing and brighter overall complexion.

  • Mindfulness and Stress Management: Receive access to SHAPES’ library of mindfulness meditation resources to find techniques and practices to relief stress, improve sleep quality, restore body and mind and guide you towards a more centred and connected pace of life

  • Daily Advice and Support: Reach me via Whatsapp and/or Email.

I am so grateful to Paola for helping me get in shape for my wedding! Our training included weekly reformer Pilates classes and daily short and focused Pilates workouts through Shapes. Paola also gave me lots of tips for adjustments in my diet to ensure I am glowing from within on my special day! Paola was one of the very first people that saw my wedding dress; I was wearing strapless so we focus on creating lean arms and improving my posture. I was feeling so grounded and confident on my special day! For my honeymoon I did the summer bum and abs challenge to feel confident in my bikini. Thank you Paola!

Magda, London/Greece

I was so grateful for Paola’s help in the weeks and months before my wedding. I told her I would be wearing saris for my wedding events, which meant I particularly wanted to focus on my stomach area. That’s just what we did, and I was so pleased with the results. I felt great about the way I looked and pilates meant I had some time for myself when everything was getting stressful.

Tara, London/Pakistan

I am so grateful to have met Paola who has absolutely changed my approach to fitness and nutrition and gave my lifestyle and body a 360 turnover. We had roughly 1 month (not an easy challenge!) to get me ready for my big day and Paola was the best emotional and fitness support I could have asked for. Considering I only like (this has changed now) 2 vegetables and have a big sweet tooth – Paola picked the most accommodative nutrition and fitness plan which got me to my perfect weight goal sooner than I expected. I can’t help her enough for making my wedding prep fun, efficient and stress free!!!

Inna, London


Prices for this programme will vary as the package will be entirely bespoke. Therefore an initial consultation with me, Paola will take place before onboarding to allow me to design an optimised programme schedule with all the suiting elements to align with your pre-wedding goals and needs.

Option to tailor the package with additional 1:1 Pilates or Nutrition sessions available upon request.

Please complete the enquiry form to book a free pre-consultation and/or if you wish to receive a quote for this programme.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and shaping your body and mind to be at your very best on your wedding day, 


Subscription-Free Bride-To-Be Programmes

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