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14 Day Love Summer Pilates Challenge

Summer is approaching and it’s that time of the year dreaming on our holidays. Get your body and mind in shape for Summer with this Pilates 14 Day Challenge. These classes and challenge will help you to develop long, lean muscles, improve posture, tone your stomach, glutes and legs, lose healthy weight, increase your energy level, improve blood circulation and water retention. I have designed this challenge to help you achieving great results in just 14 days if you commit every day to working out and eating clean.

At SHAPES Studio, we love our body everyday, and working out is all about celebrating our shapes and getting more in love with ourselves day after day. So it’s important you will approach this challenge and every class with a positive mindset, not as a punishment.

Abs & Glutes Challenge

Abs & Glutes Challenge

This Challenge is based on Cardio and Dynamic Pilates classes; it’s structured alternating each day with specific and targeted workouts tailored to your core and lower body – some of them are shorter than others, and you can add them to any other class you do if you’d like, but I recommend to stick with the plan for the three weeks.

I included a few days of stretching and rest, plus 5 important Nutrition and Lifestyle videos I invite you to watch and work on during these three weeks together.

Arms Challenge

Arms Challenge

This Challenge is based on short & effective upper body Pilates workouts from 5 to 15 min max. You can add them to any other class or form of fitness you do. These classes are designed to target individual muscles in your arms. Only on the last day of the week, as a challenge, you have a full body class focused more on upper body. You will finish these two weeks stronger, empowered and definitely with visible results in your upper body, from the tone of your arm muscles to your posture and the way you walk and stand.

Tone, Strength & flexibility

3 Week Beginners Programme: Tone, Strength & flexibility

Questo programma per principianti di 3 settimane ti aiuterà  a rafforzare e tonificare tutto il tuo corpo e ad aumentare la flessibilità della schiena.
Queste tre settimane di allenamenti sono progettate per bilanciare il corpo durante la settimana e per adattarsi al tuo programma in modo da non sentirti stressato se non hai tempo.

Gli oggetti di scena necessari per questi allenamenti sono :  foam roller, block, long band, ring, ball.

Pilates per principianti

Pilates per principianti: due settimane

Programma in italiano.

Queste due settimane sono state strutturate per aiutarti a rafforzare la schiena, migliorare la postura e tonificare il corpo. Ho incluso stretching due volte a settimana e dei giorni di pausa, dove ti dedicherai a camminare almeno per 20 minuti.
La cosa piu’ importante e’ la continuità, per aiutare il corpo a riprendere forza, stamina e ad implementare una routine che puo’ accompagnarti per sempre. Queste sessioni durano massimo 35 minuti, quindi sono facili da integrare nella tua giornata; di mattina, sera o pomeriggio, puoi allenarti quando preferisci.