Mark the jubilant beginning of spring, recharging, energising and kick-starting your wellbeing journey on the Shape and Nurture Pilates Retreat with Balance Holidays. A programme curated to bring a professional, personal and holistic approach to release stagnant energies, encourage deeper connection with the self and empower the body and mind following the cold and idle beats of winter.

Set in slow-paced Sicily, where brighter rays of light evokes life into every corner it touches. This retreat is the ideal opportunity to discover the best version of the self, inside and out, and cultivate an all-encompassing balanced lifestyle personalised to individual needs. Emphasis will firstly be placed on time in nature and energising Pilates and fitness exercises, that target key muscle groups and joints and focus on the full body’s alignment to help effectively perform quality functional movements. A specially designed nutritional programme and informed lifestyle and nutrition coaching, enhanced with tailored advice, will further nourish and improve awareness of the body and mind. Promoting a lasting overall state of wellbeing. All learnings and techniques from the retreat will be provided and easily translated into simple and healthy habits at home.