Christmas Challenge


Christmas challenge



Embark on a four-week challenge centered around the four core intentions advocated by Deepak Chopra: fostering a joyful and energetic body, cultivating a loving and compassionate heart, maintaining a reflective and alert mind, and embracing a sense of lightness of being.

I invite you to commence each day with brief mindfulness grounding video that focus on these four intentions.

Each week, practice the specific Mudra before you start your day or workout. Mudras are symbolic hand gestures or body positions commonly used in meditation and yoga to channel energy and enhance physical and mental well-being. In Vedic traditions, each finger corresponds to a distinct elemental energy: Ring finger for Earth, Pinky for Water, Thumb for Fire, Pointer finger for Air, and Middle finger for Space.

This challenge is designed to infuse mindfulness, stability, and health into the festive season, allowing you to experience both calmness and vitality. The emphasis is not on intense workouts but on discovering and appreciating our body’s form while navigating through the festivities, buffets, and indulgences. Let’s remember the true spirit of Christmas and engage in activities without guilt, approaching exercise as a way to care and honour our body.

The workouts in these four weeks concentrate on toning, cardio, and specifically targeting the glutes and abs to counterbalance sedentary positions. I’ve thoughtfully combined the weeks to provide a sense of balance and guidance. Remember to include stretching and short yoga flows in your routine. A calm mind fosters a serene body, reducing our susceptibility to addictive behaviours or situations that may impact our well-being.

For any questions, you can always contact me,
Enjoy the journey, and I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

With love,
Paola x


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