Beginner Pilates Programme: Tone, Strength & Flexibility


3 week beginner Pilates programme



Welcome Everyone!
This 3 week Beginner programme will help you to strengthen and tone your entire body and increase flexibility in your back.
These three weeks of workouts are designed to balance out the body throughout the week and to fit around your schedule so you don’t feel stressed if you don’t have time.


Remember that the most important thing is to be consistent. On days you see a shorter workout and want to do more, just repeat the same workout twice, but my recommendation is to keep it simple as you want to end each week feeling strong and energised with results.
All the classes are based on dynamic Pilates to keep your body more mobile and functional.
After these three weeks, you will be ready to build a good online routine for yourself and to filter through the main library x level 1-2 and also to filter which x body part you want to work more.

Please start from the basic Pilates Principles and review the corrections at the bottom of the page, they are very helpful!

The props you need for these workouts arefoam roller, block, long band, ring, ball.

I am very happy to have you here and please join the Facebook group too to connect with other members and to share your wins.
You can email me for extra support & questions during these three weeks.
This is a beautiful first step towards a better, more energetic and younger YOU!
I look forward to connecting with you more,
Paola x


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