Shape for your wedding: Arms Challenge


2 week arms challenge



Welcome Everyone! This two week arms programme is all about shaping & sculpting your arms and also your back muscles.

This Challenge is based on short & effective upper body Pilates workouts from 5 to 15 min max. You can add them to any other class or form of fitness you do. These classes are designed to target individual muscles in your arms. Only on the last day of the week, as a challenge, you have a full body class focused more on upper body. You will finish these two weeks stronger, empowered and definitely with visible results in your upper body, from the tone of your arm muscles to your posture and the way you walk and stand.

I included a few days of rest too, so please use them.

For this challenge you need the following Pilates props: the ring, the long band & two light weights.

Are you ready? Join me!

Look forward to training you,

Paola x


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