Shape for your wedding: Abs & Glutes


3 week abs & glutes challenge



Welcome Everyone! This three week Challenge is all about shaping your body – in particular your abs and glutes. With these classes not only you will tone your upper & lower body, but also improve your posture and you’ll stand taller with less back pain.

This Challenge is based on Cardio and Dynamic Pilates classes; it’s structured alternating each day with specific and targeted workouts tailored to your core and lower body – some of them are shorter than others, and you can add them to any other class you do if you’d like, but I recommend to stick with the plan for the three weeks.

I included a few days of stretching and rest, plus 5 important Nutrition and Lifestyle videos I invite you to watch and work on during these three weeks together.

For this challenge you need the following Pilates props: foam roller, ring, long band, mini band, ball, and light weights.

Are you ready for the challenge? Join me.

Looking forward to training you,

Paola x


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