Prenatal Classes

Dynamic Pilates workouts for prenatal women.

You will have access to:

  • 7 workouts: 4 full body workouts (18-20 minutes length), 1 abs focus, 1 arms focus, 1 bum

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle tips
  • Stretching videos
  • 50% discount on live streamed classes
  • Access to our Private Facebook group
  • One 50 minute health nutrition consultation with Paola over Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp (worth £120)





Paola is so important to me in making my world function properly so why should it be any different in pregnancy? Of course, as ever, everything is specifically tailored to me but with my needs ever changing as the baby grows, I feel totally protected and understood whilst always being pushed to achieve my best. Who knew you can still have abs at 36 weeks pregnant?!
More energy, guarding against back and hip pain and most importantly, as my doctor confirmed, increased blood flow to the placenta, I couldn’t ask for more in helping me through this very special time.


SHAPES has been the perfect way to keep up my fitness during pregnancy. I have phased in the pre natal classes over the last few months, and combine them with a dynamic class if I’m feeling active! I have loved learning about safe modifications and Paola has been on hand to guide and support me the whole way through.

Emma, UK