When it comes to working out once you have had a baby (or babies) some women feel pressure to “get their body back” – but working out shouldn’t be about pressure and stress it should be about feeling good.


When choosing a postnatal workout you should choose the right ingredients for your mind and for your body.


You need to do something you enjoy and that makes you feel good: your body will listen to you and will give you the results you need.


Make sure you check with your GP before starting exercise and do start gently and listen to your body – above all enjoy the movement and the feeling!


Here are some great postnatal exercises you can do from home – and the kids will enjoy joining in too.


These series of exercises target the lower abdominals and pelvic floor that become very weak after pregnancy.


Gluteus are targeted in the second exercises, as glutes and core are the main muscle group to target in order to come back in shape with a healthy and strong back.


1. Kneeling


With your hands under your shoulders, knees under hip bones. Lift your knees 2-3 inches off the floor by pressing down through the lower leg and ankles, and return. Exhale to lift knees inhale to touch the floor. 3 sets x 10 reps. Make sure your spine is relaxed and your chin away from your chest, with your tummy pulled in.


This exercise is really great to strengthen and tone lower abdominals, and for strengthening shoulders and arms.




Do this either supporting yourself on the palms of your hands or drop onto your forearms. From plank position, lift one leg at the time, alternate right and left.  Exhale to lift, inhale to come back. Squeeze your bum in for the whole time and aim for 3 sets of 10 reps. Keep your spine neutral and don’t look at your knees or feet. Tuck your tummy in, don’t sink in your hips.


This exercise is brilliant to strengthen lower abdominals and gluteus – plus it is good for the back and arms.


3.Roll up


Start by lying down on your back, legs extended, arms by your side.  Gently roll up as far as you can with no momentum then roll back in starting position. Aim for 3 sets of 10. Exhale to roll up inhale to roll down. Make sure you tuck your tummy in.


This exercise really works the whole spine, strengthens and tones lower abs.


Remember that exercise is fun, do not stress if you have only 5 minutes. 5 minutes is good and day per day you will add more. 


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