Paola Langella

My Story

Originally from Naples, I grew up in the warmth of a loving community. My upbringing was fuelled by good, healthy Italian food, a passion for dance and an entrepreneurial spirit.

I spent my teens studying dance at a professional academy in Naples, before moving to London to enrol in a master’s degree in communications. I quickly fell in love with the city & made it my home, completing my studies alongside teaching, performing, and auditioning for dance shows.

But then, a freak accident changed the course of my life.

During a performance, my partner slipped and fell, leaving me in immense pain and unable to move my neck. The diagnosis: two cervical slipped discs. Inoperable.

However, that injury wasn’t the end of my story. In fact, it was the start of a whole new chapter; because it was on my journey to recovery that I discovered the magical transformative powers of Pilates!

I tried Pilates at the suggestion of my doctor, and immediately felt a connection with my body which I’d only previously felt while dancing. With every session, I grew in strength and confidence – I knew that I had to share this beautiful discipline with others.

I soon qualified as an instructor with Stott Pilates. Drawing on my broad range of experience, I developed my own creative style of teaching, incorporating different techniques from dance and fitness to yoga and mindfulness meditation. With my unique approach, I went on to become one of London’s most sought-after Pilates instructors, teaching at the biggest studios from Core Collective to Bodyism, before establishing my own studio, where I now work 1 to 1 with private clients.

In 2019, I grew my business to incorporate a fully online studio, so that I could stay connected with my international clients while building a community of like-minded people around the world. Meanwhile, I trained to become a qualified nutrition health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, so that I could offer my clients a truly holistic, 360° approach to health and wellness.

For me, SHAPES is more than just an online fitness studio; it’s a lifestyle philosophy. I believe that through the miracles Pilates provides the body, combined with good nutrition and mindfulness, we can all discover the best versions of ourselves. That’s why am passionate about helping you combine these practices holistically from a place of love and support.

Health is a journey, and I would be honoured to walk this path by your side, helping you to fall in love with your shapes inside and out.

Paola X

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About SHAPES studio

SHAPES Studio is an online space, combining Pilates, nutrition & mindfulness for a 360° approach to health & wellness.

SHAPES was born from my desire to connect with people around the world, offering a holistic, simple fitness solution that slots easily into your busy life – wherever you are in the world.

The SHAPES philosophy centres around the belief, that the best way to make positive, lasting change, is to work from a place of love. At SHAPES we believe that exercise should be enjoyed, not endured.

SHAPES Studio focuses on the core principles of body and mind, as they work in sync.

Supporting your body goals is a huge and ever-growing library of Pilates classes and nutrition support, which you can access anytime, anywhere. SHAPES offers a range of Pilates styles to choose from, covering a wide range of ability levels. With daily practice (even just 5 minutes!), you will be stronger, leaner & more balanced both in how you look & feel. SHAPES nutrition content teaches you (simple, concise, simple mistakes, meal timings).

To support your mind, SHAPES provides lifestyle and mindfulness content to help you cultivate a peaceful and loving relationship with yourself, just as you are. When it comes to health, we believe everything is connected. If you are stressed at work or your relationships are strained, the body cannot function optimally, and it becomes difficult to achieve the results you desire. That’s why SHAPES Studio supports you in working on yourself – body, mind & soul.

So, what are you waiting for?