Would you use a measuring tape to measure time? Would you use a watch to measure the quantity of a liquid? Why would you want to use a scale to measure fat?


Using a scale to weigh your overall mass to see if a diet plan you are following is working gives both inconclusive and erroneous results.


Initial weight loss is almost entirely due to a decrease in extracellular fluid, in some cases as the result of the diet. Later, when our weight does not decrease anymore, we feel demotivated and we start to make excuses to abandon the diet.


Sometimes, we weigh ourselves after a huge dinner to check how “big” the damage is and then we do a fast “detox” to counteract it without considering that variations are normal and are only due to our water retention – water being the only element of our body composition that can change quickly.


My nutritionist that helped me throughout my dancing career taught me to once again love food and made me understand why we need to eat.  She taught me something I never imagined I would  hear:


If we eat healthily without skipping meals we lose weight and enjoy life.


Unbelievable right? But it is TRUE! I was obsessed with weighing myself till I realised that it is our inches that define us: 1Kg of cotton does not occupy the same space of 1Kg of iron, 1L of oil always floats if mixed in a container with 100ml of water.  If you lose only 5Kg but you go from a size 12 to a size 10, it is not your pair of jeans that have become bigger, but you are becoming smaller.


Over time, eating well and following a good nutrition plan brings an increase of calcium in our bones and iron.


It will also encourage the production of enzymes that help our digestive system get the maximum benefit from our food, it will enable us to have a reserve of vitamins and minerals, of collagen and elastin that make our skin “thick”, toned and glowing… And all this has a “WEIGHT”. A WEIGHT worth as much as GOLD!


Reference: Dr. Cristiana Di Giacomo, Biologist Nutritionist


You need to make changes to your diet but not sure where to start?