It’s okay to not be a morning person.


Most of us know whether we are a morning person or a night owl, or fall somewhere in between. It’s okay to not be a morning person. But if you are wondering:

  • how does it feel to be a morning person? The kind who wakes up and starts the day with joy, gratitude, and healthy home-cooked breakfast?
  • how would it be to have a morning routine that will boost your mood and turbo-charge your day?
  • or is it possible to prepare quick and healthy recipes that will create a balanced, happy, and healthy start to a new day?

You won’t have to wonder for long!


I am excited to announce that my book: ”Love your Body, Love your Breakfast” is available on Amazon!

How to transform your mornings and change your relationship with your breakfast?


This little book is written to help you, a busy person, entrepreneur, traveller, to have a healthier routine in the morning, no matter where you are in the world and how stressful life can be. No one can interfere with your health.

I will let you into a secret… There was a time in my life when my relationship with breakfast wasn’t so harmonious. Before opening my own Pilates studio, my day started very early. I was stressed, and most of the time I rushed my breakfast or skipped it altogether. I would often find myself eating while standing up or grabbing something as I dashed out the door. This left me feeling stressed for the rest of the day, like I was constantly chasing my tail. I felt bloated and heavy all the time. Does it sounds familiar?

Starting with a wrong foot in the morning, can sabotage the rest of our day, from food choices to mood swings. But it does not have to be like this! We have a choice.

When we take at least 20 minutes to dedicate to ourselves and to nourish our body and mind, we can feel more productive, energetic, and we can generate a ripple effect for the rest of our day.


What will you find inside the book?


The book is filled with:

  • plenty of nutritional insights
  • mindfulness and self-care strategies to get the best out of your morning time
  • 10 quick, easy & healthy recipes to try at home, both sweet and savoury
  • a nine-day breakfast challenge
  • and some more…

It will boost your mood, transform your mornings and change your relationship with your breakfast! It is your road map to a more mindful morning.

If this resonates with you, you can find a kindle and a paper version of the book here.


I will be honoured to have you as my reader.


Thank you,
Paola x