Beauty is such a positive word. We truly appreciate the beauty of a flower, the beauty of a sunset, or the beauty of a painting. But why do most women (including myself many years ago), have such a weird relationship with this word?


We don’t see the beauty in ourselves because often this word to us means: Perfection! Beauty means beauty, not perfection. Perfection is such a controversial word. We are perfect, we all are. 


Beauty is a word full of feelings and characteristics and this is why I wrote this article – to share my thoughts as I have with many of my clients, friends, and people that needed my help with this topic.


Why do we always fight to have a different body, different face, different personality?


I completely agree that we all love a toned, fit, and healthy body, and I am here to say: you can have it. But, once you reach this goal, I bet you will still not see yourself as beautiful yet. Why? Because beauty is inside. I don’t want to sound naive, please stay with me on this.


I want you to keep in mind that eating well and exercising are always the top priority for a healthy mind and body. But here, I am going deep in breaking this toxic circle of looking at ourselves in the mirror and always feeling like we are not enough, and only when we have that weight, that size we can go out and enjoy a drink with friends. 


So how can we truly increase our body confidence and see ourselves through the beauty lens?


How can we wake up every morning and say: “WOW, I like her” and this her… is you! Not another woman in a magazine or on social media. 


The first step to achieve this body confidence and love for yourself is to start to talk to yourself like you would talk to your daughter, your little niece, or yourself as a child.


You need to talk to yourself like you are your own mum.


For example, if your best friend, your daughter, or a little girl you know, comes to you saying that she feels no one likes her, she is not pretty, etc. what would your reply be? You would not tell her that everyone likes her because she has a perfect mouth, nose, or body shape; instead, you would compliment her for her smile, for her creativity, her being outgoing and sociable with everyone, her being smart, clever, open minded, honest, loyal, sincere, a good person, etc…


My point here is to dig deep in our soul and start to compliment ourselves for our qualities of inner beauty.


Let’s try to stop for a moment looking at every detail of our hips, legs, or waist, and let’s start to focus on our inner qualities that will make us beautiful forever. These qualities will never age; on the contrary, they become better with years.


Try this challenging but very powerful exercise. It will transform the way you look at yourself and in a couple of weeks, you will begin to notice that you start to appreciate your body and physique in a different way.




For a week, look at yourself in the mirror for five minutes and write down the things you like about yourself. Don’t rush, try to find at least one thing you like about yourself.


Then write down one inner beauty quality and say: “Today I am…” or “Today I feel…” This can be anything from: curious, peaceful, or I enjoy my own company, I can cook nice meals, I am a good mother, a good partner, a problem solver, a good listener, a multitasker, practical, logical, spiritual, creative… anything goes.


Write this down in your journal, or in an email you send to yourself every evening. 


At the end of the week, collect all the things you liked about yourself physically and all your inner beauty qualities. Read the whole list and see what happens inside you. 


Notice the changes around you and how your inner beauty qualities can bring you more confidence in achieving your goals in life. See the people you attract in that week and the opportunities that came into your life, just because you are looking at yourself through a different lens. 


Beauty is everywhere and it is there, inside you. You just need to open your eyes and be ready to see it. 


I believe in you and I believe every woman has the right to feel at peace with her body and her mind, in order to live a fulfilling life with exciting projects, memories, and a peaceful and joyful mindset.