How often do you feel like time is slipping through your hands? Like time is going much faster than it should be?


We all joke that “time flies,” but it can feel awful when we run out of time to do what we really want, whether it’s because we were too busy with work or other less important commitments. In today’s fast-paced world, time is an increasingly rare commodity and our to-do lists have never been longer.  


In my opinion, the most important things in life are health and love; without these you will never get as far as you’d like to. 


To prioritise health, you need to start to slow down and to control your stress. 


Is time slipping past you_ Here’s how to slow down


Automatically, if you slow down, you start to love yourself more and allow yourself more time to take care of your life, which gives you time to focus on many important things: family, friends, hobbies, work balance, creativity, and so on. 


When you slow down, amazing, unexpected things happen: you will notice opportunities arising to solve a problem; you start to see things you love about yourself or about your spouse; you can better connect to the people close to you that support and encourage you. 


When you give love, you receive love. But first, you must give love to one person: YOU


To manage your time, ask yourself, from today to one year from now, how important will these things be? Are they worth your stress today? If the answer is no, then postpone them until you are more relaxed, or even better: simply do not do them at all!


You don’t need to work super hard to achieve the results you desire: you need to work smart. You don’t need to force yourself to always be fun and energetic around people to have good friends: you will attract your tribe at the right time just by being yourself.


When you slow down, your mind becomes clearer. 


Is time slipping past you_ Here’s how to slow down


You can start to reconnect your soul to the people and to the things you really love. This will help you plan and prioritize, motivating you to complete your goals. 


If time is slipping by too fast, here are some tips:


1) Connect with your family and friends


How many times have you been out with a friend but spent half the time looking at your phone? Next time you have the luxury of spending some quality time with someone, honour it. Put your phone to the side and truly connect with that person; engage in deeper or fun conversation, actively listen to this person, respect the time you have together. You will feel so much better afterwards and you will understand how wonderful it is to connect with someone you care about. 


2) Give yourself more time


Allow yourself more time in between tasks on your to-do list. Even if you are great at managing everything at once, just give yourself more time. This will allow you to rest in between and to think properly about what and how you are doing things. If something unplanned happens during the day, you will always have the time to sort it out. It is important to avoid rushing and to enjoy everything you do daily, from doing the laundry to preparing a cup of coffee for yourself.


3) Make time for yourself


When was the last time you spent some quality time with yourself? My tip here for you is to take yourself on a date! Find a new book you’ll love reading, rewatch your favourite movie, or cook a new recipe.


4)  Be clear about your goals and aspirations


Being clear about your goals and aspirations will help you to stay motivated, especially on challenging days. Write your goals and aspirations on a piece of paper, put it in your bedroom and read through it when you wake up in the morning. After you read your goals and aspirations, recall all the big steps you achieved in the past that got you to where you are now.


This takes only five minutes and you will feel the drive to keep going whatever happens along the way.


5) Take time to prioritise daily objectives


Prioritise the most important things you need to do instead of trying to do everything in one day. Balance urgent deadlines with pleasurable experiences. Remember that every day your aim is to feel satisfied and happy, not stressed and tired. Of course, there will be challenging days, but focusing on moments of relaxation and pleasure will help.


6) Enjoy nature 


Take breaks during your day to have a walk, breathe fresh air, go to your favourite spot in your city to admire the view from there. Try to disconnect from the rest of the world for a short time, at least once a week. 


7) Cut your internet use


Experiment with reducing internet time. Today we are inundated by emails and social networking. When we keep staring at our social media feed, our brain is bombarded by passive ideas that distract us from the important things. Try to use this time to cultivate new hobbies, to exercise, or to meditate.


If you struggle to slow down, want to talk more about your lifestyle, or understand how to change your behaviour, I would be happy to hear from you. 


Most of the time, when we don’t slow down and we rush, we experience weight gain and poor eating habits.


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