How it works

The different categories: Dynamic Pilates / Cardio Pilates / Stretching are divided into body parts:

This is a modernised version of Pilates that adheres to the principles developed in Germany in the early 20th century. At SHAPES we believe that Dynamic Pilates can be very beneficial to the body as it is more strenuous than a normal Pilates class. You will flow during these classes through a variety of functional movements and more traditional Pilates exercises. You will target every single muscle but still keep the movements precise and controlled. Breathing is of great importance; it will help you to engage the lower abdominals and develop a beautiful, strong and flat stomach. Dynamic Pilates is the best workout to sculpt your figure and has cardiovascular benefits too.

Cardio Pilates is mix of Dynamic Pilates, fitness and cardio exercises. At SHAPES we believe this is the best for improving your overall fitness, as well as shaping your body and losing a few inches. We believe in fast and intense cardio intervals for great fat burning.

Restorative stretching routines are there for you to be done either in the morning, in the evening, or prior to beginning your workout. They are full body routines, to make your body feel longer, pain free, and to immediately improve posture.



-From 10 to 35 minutes in length
-Designed to fit into your week and schedule
-Easy to combine with any fitness activity you do
Regular video updates
-Request specific videos in our private Facebook group


My recommendations for you:

I recommend training with Shapes first thing every morning to set the tone of your day, feel more energised, positive, confident, and ready to attack the day. You can add any kind of workouts later if you have time, but I strongly suggest to start your day with Shapes. If morning workouts don’t suit your body or schedule then feel free to adjust accordingly.

This is a weekly structure to guide you more during the workouts so you can be certain to work out in a balance way throughout the week. You can feel free to browse the library and choose the class you want if you prefer not to follow the guide; my recommendation is only to help you if you need to feel more organised. This really helps me to keep my fitness routine always on top. Please note that even if my workouts are focused on one body part, they will never leave you unbalanced. You will work one part of the body more, but you will also always work the rest.

Monday= Abs Day
Tuesday= Legs and Bum Day
Wednesday= Arms Day
Thursday= Full Body Day Dynamic
Friday= Full Body Cardio
Saturday and Sunday: Stretching and self care

I will show you how to become your own health expert.
As you know, only working out is not enough to be healthy and get the results we want for our body and mind. We need to create our balance on the plate as well as off the pate. Exercising every day with my Shapes workouts will help you to be healthier and to be more conscious of what you eat. As well as your workout library, you also have a nutrition and lifestyle library that will help you to act strategically in balancing your food, life, and to achieve your results in an organic way without ex-treme diets. I believe in bio individuality, so I need you to follow my exercises in my videos to really understand what works for you now.

I encourage you to download my nutrition guidelines too, as well as the meal planner, which will help you stay on track with your food and ensure variety in your diet.

– Pilates Ball 23/25 cm
– Pilates Ring
– Mini band
– Long band
– Hand weights set of 1 or 1.5 KG
– Foam roller

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