How it works

The different categories: SHAPES Dynamic / SHAPES Cardio / SHAPES Stretching are divided into body parts:

Beginners workouts included in the membership, with Pilates basic principles and corrections to review when you need.

This is a dynamic Pilates class based on the mat that borrows from the ballet, yoga, and cardio fitness principles, while having a solid foundation in Stott Pilates. During these classes, you will flow through a variety of functional movements and more traditional Pilates exercises.

Over the course of this journey, you will work out every single inch of your body. You will be challenged both physically and mentally. This class will sculpt, define your muscles, work on your balance, posture and coordination. After five days of committing to the SHAPES method, you will notice the difference in the way you walk, the way you stand, and how you look in your clothes.

SHAPES Dynamic is the best workout to sculpt your figure and benefit your cardiovascular system.

This is a powerful workout consisting of everything you would normally do in a SHAPES Dynamic Pilates Class, but with segments of low- and high-impact cardio to increase your heart rate and burn body fat.
Restorative stretching routines can be done either in the morning, in the evening, or prior to your workout. They are full-body routines that make your body feel longer, soothe pain, and immediately improve posture.


• From 10 to 40 minutes in length.
• Designed to fit into your week and schedule.
• Easy to combine with any fitness activity you do.
Regular video updates.
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