Dear Reader, 


I would like to talk today about the importance of health coaching and why in particular group coaching is beneficial. 


Health coaching is a powerful and strategic service for people who are stuck and are not achieving their goals.


We as humans were born to connect, to share, to learn from others’ experiences, and to understand what works and what does not work for us.


The difference between a nutritionist, a doctor and a health coach is that the health coach will never give you a diet to follow, do you know why? Because diets are not the way to solve a deep emotional problem that causes issues such as being overweight or stress eating. How many of you have been on a diet and then off a diet? Of course, everyone has the will power to be able to achieve a three-month diet and to lose weight but then what? Can you stay forever on a diet? 


Or do you want to learn the true fundamentals of how to eat well and to stay fit forever?


Would you like to really understand what causes you to binge at night or that frustration, lack of motivation that stops you to achieve your goals? The health coach is there for you, supporting you and giving you action steps to implement daily for a truly transformative behaviour change. 


Why group health coaching is good for you 3


I love connecting with people and training them one to one and I really enjoy when I teach group classes too so I can teach more people at once. There is a beautiful energy and synergy and I can see people get the right motivation and inspiration from each other in a class or group session.


Today, everyone is so busy and it is really hard to find a space where we can share, where we can be ourselves with zero judgment and zero expectation. I believe that people, in particular busy professionals, women like you, with a family to take care of, need this space to open up and to be honest about what they want to achieve for themselves and for their family, what their best self is and how they can get the motivation to once again prioritise their health. 


Group coaching circle sessions are a fantastic opportunity to get these beautiful women together in a setting where I witness them almost heal themselves.


Why group health coaching is good for you 2


During these sessions, I am there as a guide from the sidelines, walking with them and supporting their transformative journey; whether the journey is losing weight steadily with no restriction, improving the quality of their sleep, feeling more energetic, or to cook healthy, easy, practical meals for them and their family after a full day of work because they want to and they feel super motivated to do so.


I am proud to have built my career around my passion of helping women with a busy lifestyle get healthier, in shape, and calmer, in order to be more productive with their work, happier with their family and above all, in love with their life and with the time they spend to take care of themselves first. 


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