Many of my SHAPESTUDIO members are experiencing true lifestyle transformations in terms of appetite control, improved sleep pattern, reduced back pain, due to the fact that their workout schedule is more manageable and sustainable. 


Some of their words are: 


“I feel I can do SHAPES every morning and this makes my healthy lifestyle more sustainable”


I feel the motivation to wake up and do a workout because it’s only for 20 minutes or 40minutes if I want”; 


“I don’t need to rush from one place to another, I feel more productive and calmer”; 


“I can manage my appetite and make better choices regarding my food because I am calmer due to the Pilates breathing”;


 “I love the fact that workouts are very specific, short and effective! I feel like they are becoming part of my daily routine and I am very happy with the results!”


These words from my clients make me so happy and inspired. What they are experiencing is totally true. 


When you establish a routine that is sustainable, that you enjoy, that is not a chore, the results come quicker. 


This is because your body is relaxed, you feel happier, clearer, more inspired and in general more motivated to do more for yourself in terms of health and self care. This ripple effect is so powerful that you start to lose weight, go to sleep earlier, eat more vegetables, drink more water, without even noticing you are doing it. 


Everything will happen gradually and organically, and “voila”: you’ll have created YOUR balanced healthy lifestyle that doesn’t depend on any diet, any doctors, any gyms – just on yourself. You are the expert! 


Let me explain in greater detail why this happens and how some people, like my clients, are experiencing this beautiful lifestyle transformation.


When we are more relaxed and allow ourselves to do more gentle physical activity, without pushing our body to extreme levels, the brain starts to activate our parasympathetic nervous system (let’s call this the “green zone”). The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for regulating rest, digestion, repairing our cells and reproducing new ones. 


On the other hand, when we experience stress and fatigue, we activate the sympathetic nervous system (we’ll call this the “red zone”). The body perceives a message from our brain that our life is in danger; cortisol (the stress hormone) levels rise and our body starts to store fat, feel hungry at unusual times, have sleep problems, ache, and high blood pressure and joint inflammation occur.


To control this area of our brain, we need to be able to calm down and stay in the green zone by simply using diaphragmatic breathing: long inhalation through the nose with long and slow exhalation through the mouth. Additionally, reducing stimulants like processed food, sugar, caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol will help.


Let’s stop believing the common myth that long extreme workouts will help us to lose weight.


Start to shift our mind toward this question: “what do I like doing everyday in terms of exercise?” 


You will see that everything will come together. For example, you can tell me: “Paola, I don’t like exercise at all, but I do love walking in the park”. Well, walking is a great physical activity. Walk every day and see what happens. You might feel super energised after five days of walking and then want to add some yoga or Pilates exercises into your week to tone and sculpt your muscles.


The key is to stop forcing exercise and simply do exactly what you want to do now. Anything that involves moving the body counts as physical exercise, so please do me a favour, stop reading trend workouts and stop setting unrealistic stress-inducing goals for yourself.


I would like to conclude with a few tips that will help you to avoid stress in general and free up some time for scheduling your workouts during the day:


  • Practice breathing exercises in the morning after your breakfast, shower. Before you start to work at your desk, dedicate a few minutes to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth while you set an intention for the day.


  • Tidy up your work place. Make it more zen, light a candle, arrange some nice flowers or plants. The most important thing, make sure it is clutter-free and that you feel super focused and inspired there.


  • Plan out your days using a weekly planner; Prioritise your tasks and focus on only one thing at a time. This will allow you to maximise your time, and be more productive and satisfied with your work. 


I hope this has helped you to find more motivation to just start and move your body without feeling lost, unmotivated, or worried you will never be able to come back on track to achieve that healthy lifestyle you want. You can, you need just to start!


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I wish you the best of luck in your health and fitness journey,