○ What should I wear to workout

  • You should wear something that you like and, most importantly, that you feel good and comfortable in. You can wear leggings or baggy pants and a crop top or t-shirts, with socks or you can be bare feet.

○ Do I need special equipment?

  • I recommend to buy a Pilates or yoga mat. Most of my workouts are with Pilates props like weights, fitness ring, Pilates ball and band. But if you don’t want to invest in these props it is totally fine, you can do all the workouts without any prop and just use your own body-weight as resistance. If you don’t have a Mat, it is fine too, just grab two towels and create your own mat. That’s the magic of Pilates. You can do it anywhere with whatever you have!

○ What do I do if a video wont play ?

  • If you are logged in as a member and your subscription to your videos are not expired.
    • Check your internet connection.
    • Refresh your page.
    • Contact us, as soon as possible.

○ How does Shapes keep my details secure?

  • Shapes require login credentials. This is all we store about personal information. You are welcome to add additional optional information.
    • These credentials are encrypted, to keep it secure. The login credentials you supplied. Only you will know that password, not us.
  • Shapes does not store any payment information.
    • No card information is stored
    • No PayPal information is stored

○ How do I change my membership?

  • For the FREE or TRIAL MEMBERS wishing to upgrade PLEASE refer to the bottom part of the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE TAB directly in your ACCOUNT PAGE, while logged into the site, and you can choose the payment method and the avaible subscription.
  • You cannot downgrade from annual.

    ○ How do I cancel?

    • You can cancel at anytime.
    • While logged into the site: Click on your ACCOUNT PAGE from the main menu bar. Select subscription tab end following your subscription membership name just click on the button cancel.
    • Note: If you are an annual or premium member and you cancel your account, your access rights to videos remain for the duration of the initial contract period (e.g. a cancelled annual member will still have video access for 10 months if they cancel their subscription on the 2nd month). You can change your subscription once your initial account expires the time duration.

    Can I lose weight with Pilates?

    • You can definitely lose weight with Pilates. I used to say that it is the best and fastest weight loss in the world and while you take care of your nutrition you can start to look and feel better. Of course remember that “you are what yo eat” so you should have a good diet and do Pilates to achieve your results and keep your dream body shape.

    ○ How often should I workout?

    • I recommend at least 3 times per week. To get the best out of my workouts, repeat the videos twice, but if you don’t have time it is fine just add another one or two days training in your week or weekend.

    ○ Why can I lose weight with Pilates ?

    • Everyone knows that for losing weight the magic formula is exercise + good and healthy diet. Body-weight and resistance training is as effective as a cardio workout in terms of weight loss with a bonus, that you will have a more sculpted and toned body. Pilates is exactly this, it combines body-weight training and weight training keeping your body always safe without going in any crazy or unnatural exercise. Remember that you can weigh the same when you train and have muscles but you don’t look the same, as fat and muscles occupy a very different space in the body but they weight the same. The more lean muscles mass you have, the less fat your body will have. Also, the magic of Pilates is to sculpt and shape your body, you will look taller and longer, with a beautiful posture and a flat abdomen. Due to the breathing technique, your waist will get smaller and for sure you will drop your inches down. Grab a pair of some jeans that don’t fit you anymore and use these as a scale!

    ○ Why is Pilates good for me?

    • Pilates is good for you whether you are a beginner, an elite athlete, a fit person, if you want to get back in shape after your pregnancy, or if you want to recover from an injury. The focus of Pilates is the core – the center of your body. If your core, your abdominals are strong, the whole body will feel the benefits; you will stand with a better a posture and your back, shoulders and neck will be pain free. There are infinite reasons why you should practice Pilates. The main ones are:
      • Increase flexibility
      • Develop core strength
      • Improve posture
      • Increase energy
      • Improve athletic performance
      • Promote weight loss and long, lean body and muscles.
      • Sculpt and tone
      • Increase awareness of body and mind connection
      • Boost self-esteem
      • Reduce stress
      • Recover from injury