Our home is our sanctuary and it plays a crucial role in our wellbeing, stress levels and happiness. Have you ever heard of feng shui?


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that focuses on the connection we have with our environment and the effects that connection has on our overall well-being. It is believed that the flow of one’s energy in a space is what makes an environment healthy. Certain principles of feng shui, like using calming colours, positioning your bed correctly, and designing spaces with curved furniture, are believed to promote rest and relaxation.


Here are a few tips to start creating the home of your dreams without spending a fortune:


1) Create a vision board.


A vision board is a very useful tool we can use to define our goals and keep us motivated to achieve them.  Select photos from magazines or newspaper articles and attach them to a board you see daily, or create a Powerpoint presentation with photos you find online. The feeling you have from seeing these photos often will help you to move forward to create your perfect space.


2) House plants.


House plants are great to purify air, boost our energy, improve health and sharpen our focus. There are many plants you can choose that do not require much attention, like: bamboo, ZZ plants, palms, and peace lilies.


3) Clean and declutter.


A messy house is equal to a messy mind. When your house is organised and cleaned every day, you feel more productive and more at peace. You will feel more motivated to cook a nice healthy meal and less tempted to buy pre-packaged food. Try to make “clean and declutter” a daily routine. You will see the physical and mental benefits immediately.


4) Scented candles.


Scented candles are great to relax, for self-expression and for dreaming about our wildest goals. Try to light some candles in your bathroom and in your bedroom. Imagine your home being a SPA. Take your time to have a shower, a nice scrub, read a book you like, and love your own time.


5) Cozy sleep space.


You know that sleep is rule number 1. Lack of sleep or interrupted sleep can lead to weight gain as we tend to eat more when we have a bad night’s sleep; we feel more stressed, tired and as a consequence we eat more sugary food and carbs to keep our energy levels up. Try to invest in some quality sheets and blankets you love. Block the outside light from the window, if you have one and make sure your electronic devices are outside the bedroom.


6) Hang pictures.


Hang pictures of your family or yourself when you were at your happiest and lived a care free life. Looking at these beautiful memories will remind you of the beautiful life you’ve had so far and will encourage you to create similar positive memories. Also, if you need inspiration in this moment in your life, consider including abstract works of art; abstract work is proven to increase creativity and brain connectivity.


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