This nutrient-rich soup contains only two main ingredients and can be made in a flash. My cauliflower and artichoke soup is as versatile as it is delicious: it’s perfect as a starter and can be paired with grains and protein and enjoyed as a main dish.


I love keeping it simple in the kitchen. To make this soup, you need only two fresh ingredients: artichokes and cauliflower. These two vegetables are both high in fiber, loaded with vitamins C and K, and rich in magnesium and antioxidants.



  • Cook the artichokes and cauliflower in two separate pans, with parsley, extra virgin olive oil, and salt. 
  • Once boiled, blend all ingredients with water.
  • Add any additional herbs and spices to taste. 


Enjoy and tag me @_paolalangella_ on Instagram, or comment below if you try this recipe at home. 



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