Can you lose weight with Pilates? This is one of the most common questions I hear. Many people think they need to incorporate other exercises to lose weight, including exercises that are more intense than Pilates. 


But this is not actually true. 


You lose weight by being consistent at what you do in terms of working out, whether that includes a simple walk every morning, Pilates, Yoga, sports, or anything you like. 


Most importantly, to lose weight you have to have healthy, consistent eating habits. 


One of my ShapesStudio members, Jacqui, lost 11 kgs doing Pilates since she joined Shapes in March 2020! 


Pilates weight loss before and after photos of a Shapes member Jacqui


We recently had a conversation during which she shared her journey with me, in the hopes of inspiring you to act today by making some small, simple but steady changes in your diet, fitness regimen, and lifestyle. 


Paola: Why did you want to start Pilates?


Jacqui: I started online Pilates as my Gym was closed due to the national lockdown in March 2020. 


Why did you decide to join SHAPES?


I decided to join SHAPES as I could see Paola’s Pilates movements were effective. The exercises could be done at your own pace, anywhere and anytime.


How has Pilates with SHAPES changed your body and health?


My health and wellbeing has improved a lot due to Paola’s holistic approach to exercise, nutrition, and wellbeing. 


SHAPES Pilates exercises are central to my fitness regime. Whether you do other fitness exercises or only Pilates, Paola’s exercises contribute to the effectiveness of your fitness regime.


I also enjoy jogging and find SHAPES daily exercise routine helps with strengthening the glutes and abdominal muscles followed by Paola’s stretching exercises. 


What was it like working with Paola online?


Paola provides excellent mentorship in goal setting and finding the right balance for your wellbeing. 


If you have specific goals you would like to achieve with your health and fitness, Paola will be happy to offer support in helping you meet your goals.


What are the differences you experience training online with SHAPES compared to any other fitness programmes you have done previously?


I have done other Pilates fitness classes at the gym and find the exercises are not as effective as SHAPES. Often they are oversubscribed and it is a struggle to book a class. 


I now don’t have that problem anymore. I have a personalised Pilates regime which I can fit in at a time suitable for me and can join Paola’s Zoom class on Fridays which I enjoy. 


After the first lockdown the first thing my friends commented on was that I had lost weight and my shape had changed. 


I am now near my target BMI, and I feel so much better within myself and have dropped down one dress size.


How did SHAPES and Paola help you with regard to your nutrition and lifestyle?


My mindset about nutrition and lifestyle has changed. 


My consultation with Paola was helpful as my daily diet was assessed and Paola provided very useful advice on the changes to introduce in my diet. 


I became more creative with my nutrition, understanding the benefits of certain foods. I learned about chia seeds, dark chocolate, having a balanced plate of food with vegetables, good carbohydrates, good fats and protein. 


My key achievement is that I am able to sustain the change in mindset. 


What are the most important things you achieved that changed your mindset?


I have been able to sustain steady weight loss by losing 11 kgs to date from March 2020. 


Anything else you’d like to share?


Perseverance is key in reaching your goals. 


Thank you, Paola, for your help and encouragement in helping me reach and maintain my goals! 


I am grateful to Jacqui for being such an inspiration for me and for many women out there. 


If you would like to give yourself a chance to start something new, or to try something unrestrictive that restores happiness and balance to your life, please visit SHAPES ONLINE STUDIO or contact me directly at


Can you lose weight witImage of Shapes Studio trainer Paola doing Pilates workout


I look forward to hearing from you!