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This is Paola, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

I created Shapes Studio to connect with people around the world, to teach them, help them, and share my values like I do with my clients in my private studio in London.

I believe that working out and being healthy is bio-individual, but also in universal beauty and how to appreciate our own body; how to workout from a place of love to honour our body shape, not to destroy and change it. Shapes comes from a place of love and celebration of your shapes (mentally and physically) and it will help you to find your unique ones, with discipline, exercise, and eating well.

I believe in the profound results of Pilates combined with fitness, cardiovascular and stretching elements. Pilates shapes your body and helps you find your ideal weight, creating a long, lean physique without losing muscle tone. Additionally, it can help to relax and be more focused during daily life which is so important to make healthy choices throughout the day.

At Shapes I want to help busy people like you, with their fitness schedule; to empower you to be able to train at any time of day wherever you are in the world.

My values at SHAPES are Freedom, Empowerment, Confidence, and Self Care.

Freedom: You will see how working out with Shapes is very time-efficient, helping free up time to focus on other aspects of your life.

Empowerment: You will feel supported by Paola and by other like minded people you will meet in our Facebook community.

Confidence: The results are guaranteed if you do the work. You will start to feel confident in your own body naturally. The connection through movements and breathing combined with the control and love you will bring to every workout will transform your mindset.

Self care: With discipline and motivation to establish your SHAPES routine, you will learn how self care is crucial to be more successful and productive in your life.

Paola Langella

My Story

My mission is to help women like you, struggling with body image and confidence finally achieve the healthy body and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of without dieting, extreme exercise, or deprivation.

I was born in Naples and grew up within the warmth of a big, loving community; there I soon found a passion for dancing.

When I moved to London to complete my masters degree in media and communications, dance remained my primary passion. Then one fateful day, while performing a tango choreography, I slipped and fell. The pain was immense. I was unable to move my neck and I returned to Italy where a doctor diagnosed a slipped disk that couldnt be operated on due to the delicacy of the area.

My journey to recover from the injury brought me to discover the healing powers of Pilates and I qualified with Stott Pilates to become an instructor. My classes offer a full resistance workout by mobilising and working every single muscle of the body to achieve a long and lean shape. I believe in Pilates as a miracle for the body that can help people to get their body and mind in the shape they desire.

With my unique range of rhythmical classes that heal, inspire, and transform bodies of all shapes, I went on to become one of London’s most sought after Pilates instructors at studios like Core Collective and Bodyism, as well as working with private clients at my own studio in London and online with international clients.

My personal journey and the love for my clients brought me to study further to become a Health Coach Nutritionist in order to learn the tools and strategies with which I could help my clients to improve not only their bodies but also their lives.

I studied at Integrative Nutrition, the leading nutrition school in NYC; I had the honour to study with nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, and professors in the fields of nutrition, emotion, stress and relationships.

For me, Shapes is not only an online studio, but a philosophy of life. I see Shapes as a contribution and a support for everyone that wants to become healthier, fitter, to be empowered to train, eat healthy, and to follow a balanced lifestyle wherever they are in the world.

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