What does a balanced plate look like? I am sure everyone can answer this question, but have you ever tried to look at your plate from a holistically perspective?

Holistic nutrition is based on the individual’s emotions, health, physical activity and lifestyle. When our lifestyle and emotions are not in balanced, most of the time our plates cannot be in balance either.  Think about a situation where you were alone, or tired, lazy, stressed for a work deadline, how was your plate then? Did it contain all the macronutrients your body needs to have?

Before talking about how a balanced plate should look like, it is really important to address your emotions first and your current lifestyle situation, so to tailor the best solution for you when you approach your meal.

Start by asking yourself these questions and try to answer them on a journal; be honest and specific: “why do my meals are not in balanced today? What’s missing in my plate? Why do I crave certain foods every evening? Why am I tired all the time even if I eat “healthy” ? What’s hold me back from being calm and creating the perfect healthy balanced plate for me? What’s different compared to last year? Any major changes?

The answers can be as simple as: lack of time because you are a busy mum and at the same time you run your own company; it can be that your kitchen is  messy and you need to declutter it; you are unhappy at work; you are surrounding by people that drain you.

If you try to answer these questions,  go deep into your day to day routine; you’ll find the issue and a common pattern that you follow every day. Once you are clear what it is, you can start to understand how to implement some positive action steps (simple and achievable). These steps can help you to get closer at finding the calm you desire, and to be able to stay way from rushed meals and comfort food.

Remember, you come first! if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot have the energy to take care of others.

Our lifestyle is essential to keep harmony in our plate; when we experience any emotional or physical stress, we can crave for “comfort food” to fill up a void in our life, or for escaping from a problem.

In this interview with Country and Town house, I answered ten questions about balanced plate in details; you can read about meals timings, how to have a structure, about macronutrients, organic food and simple tips for creating a healthy lifestyle on & off the plate.

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Health, fitness, nutrition is an ongoing journey. We cannot strive to be perfect everyday but balanced. We are humans and we have emotions, so it’s absolutely normal to go down and then come back up. The most important thing is to understand the “why” to solve the problem at its root, without wasting time, energy and motivation.