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I don’t believe in diets or restricted eating. Instead, I believe in a nutritious diet combined with a healthy lifestyle. The very definition of being “on” a diet means you can also be “off” a diet, because most of the time the diet plan you follow is simply not sustainable. 


The key to losing weight is to change your daily habits and introduce new ones. 


These healthy changes will crowd out the unhealthy habits you developed as a consequence of all the misleading information out there. The most important thing to understand is that there is no magic pill. You cannot lose 4kg in a week; even if this were possible it would be very unhealthy and most certainly end up backfiring on you. 




Your body will put on double the weight after to try to protect itself from the shock of the diet. 


You have to be patient and kind to your body. It is your responsibility to take care of your body. It is your temple, it is your business and you need to give it all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in particular if your goal is to lose weight, so you can maintain your ideal weight in the long run and live a healthy life.


The nine very achievable healthy weight loss tips below are easy to follow for long term success. 


If you start to apply them starting today, you will not only lose weight effortlessly but you will also shift your mindset in a more positive and healthy direction towards your life and your relationship with food. 


Ready? Let’s start!


1) Drink More Water


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Most of the time when we feel hungry, we are just thirsty. Next time you are reaching for a snack, for a protein shake, or for any food you are craving that moment, try to drink a glass of water and see how you feel afterwards. 

Studies show that people who drink two glasses of water before meals feel fuller quicker and eat less. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water during your day and avoid soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol.


2) Eat Real Carbs


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Replace refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are pasta, bread, cereals. You want to eat real carbohydrates full of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, such as grains, fruit, vegetables, seeds, legumes, and nuts. Fibre helps slow down your digestion which in turn keeps your blood sugar levels stable; antioxidants help to reduce inflammation in your body. Poor digestion and inflammation are a major cause of weight gain and constant bloating. 


3) Eat Healthy Fats


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Eliminating fats from your diet when you want to lose weight is a common myth. We actually need to eat healthy fats to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. Also, healthy fats protect your organs and help prevent heart disease. Choose healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil, omega 3 oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado. 


Incorporating these in your daily diet will not only make your skin glow, but also your vegetables will taste so much better that you will feel immediately satisfied. Don’t be scared! Add olive oil to your salad and enjoy the quality of the ingredients. 


4) Choose Lean Protein


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Our body needs protein for cell growth and renewal, blood sugar stabilisation, and energy. The richest source of proteins are animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs, dairy) and plants (beans, nuts, seeds). If your protein intake comes from animals, choose grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, organic yogurt, cage-free eggs. 


5) Don’t Skip Breakfast


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Starting the day with breakfast speeds up your metabolism and reduces cravings. Studies show that eating breakfast helps maintain a healthy weight. If you don’t feel hungry as soon as you wake up, don’t force yourself, but eat as soon as you feel hungry. 


6) Eat More Frequently


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Try not to leave so many hours between breakfast/lunch and between lunch/dinner. Have a healthy snack with you if you’re out, like a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. By eating more frequently, you will keep blood sugar levels stable, feel less hungry, and avoid bingeing. Your mind will make better and healthier choices because you will feel calmer. 


7) Exercise For Your Body and Mind


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Being active doesn’t mean signing up to your closest gym. You can be active every day by doing things you like; for example, walking in the park, running with your dog, cleaning your house. Try to use stairs over lifts, and walk or use a bicycle to reach places instead of driving or taking public transport.


My tip here is to find something you like and stick with it daily. You can visit my online Pilates Studio if you are looking for some home Pilates and fitness workouts that can help you tone and build a lean figure. 


8) Sleep More


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Aim to sleep 7-8 hours per night. Lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, low metabolism, and increased appetite. Try to establish a healthy sleep routine. Set a time when you stop all your activities, switch off any electronic devices, and respect your bed time.


9) Cook More


Blog post with 9 top tips for healthy weight loss


Cook more at home to avoid relying on take aways and restaurant food. The advantage of cooking at home is that you know exactly what you eat. By cooking at home you will reduce the intake of salt and empty calories and you will be more able to control your portion size.


Learn to bake and roast; avoid frying your food. You can experiment with easy recipes too, with raw foods, such as a simple salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, beans and avocado. 


I hope these tips will help you make some long term changes in your lifestyle and give you the motivation to loose the weight you desire in a healthy way. 


I would be happy to hear from you about your progress if you would like to get in touch. 


Also, if you would like to go further and discuss your specific goals, you can book a 45 minute free health consultation with me, email me at hello@paolalangella.co.uk


You can check my nutrition programme here.


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