Sculpt and Shape:
10 day glutes challenge

The lower body is an area that many of us want to tone, strengthen and define. It is really challenging to work this area as many factors are involved including making sure to do the right exercises that don’t add bulk, as well as the correct nutrition and commitment. Beside the aesthetic aspect, toning and strengthening your glutes is essential for a healthy back and to avoid lower back issues.


  • Towel

  • Ring

  • Long Band

  • Mini Band

The Workouts:

you will tone up your glutes with effective workouts based on Pilates and fitness exercises, as well as elongate and tone your entire lower body; You will use some Pilates props and the sessions will be from 5 to 15 minutes workout per day. You can add these short sequence at the end of your workouts or do them by its own.

Healthy nutrition and lifestyle Tips:

Download this guide to help you include good habits in your daily nutrition and lifestyle. Click here to download your nutrition guidelines


You will need to organise your calendar and allocate training time in your diary so you will be less likely to postpone the workouts. I recommend working out early in the morning so you will feel more energised and to create a positive momentum for the whole day.

In this 10 day challenge, you will:

  • See your glutes more toned and more shaped.
  • Workout all the lower area of your body, including small muscles that normally don’t get a workout.
  • Build a leaner shape of your glutes, side glutes and tights , defined shape for your glutes without using weights or heavy exercises, but only using Pilates props and your own body weight.
  • Improve your bone health and protect from lower back issues.
  • Enjoy the freedom to do these workouts wherever you are; you need just a floor mat and Pilates props.
  • Have this 10 days challenge always here whenever you want to do it.
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This is for you if…

  • You want to sculpt and tone the glutes and the side of the thighs without heavy exercises that bulking up.
  • You are looking for short and effective routine to add in your fitness schedule.
  • You love working out from the comfort of their home or wherever you are.


For each day of the week, I selected a glutes isolation for you; The second week you will repeat again the same workouts from Monday to Friday. Please see here the plan: Video Gallery and Weekly Plan